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FREE Seller's Prep Guide for Fall

We all know Springtime is the upswing for real estate activity. But what are the benefits of putting your house up for sale during the Fall and holiday season? Usually this means the transition from a buyers market to a sellers market - less competition and more serious offers. But this year we are already in a sellers market due to the increase in buyer demand and lack of home-for-sale options that the COVID pandemic has brought us. Here are some of the benefits of selling during the holidays:

Serious Buyers People shopping for homes around the holidays are ready to spend the money and sign the papers. They're not taking leisurely strolls through open houses for the enjoyment of it. Less Competition With less inventory this Fall, this means less competition for your home and a better buying price. Plus, its easy to stage your house comfy and cozy to really get potential buyers to visualize themselves at home there - even through virtual home tours. Shorter Process Job transfers, pending tax breaks, and the shopping frenzy make buyers "in the zone" to complete the sale before the end of the year. If you or someone you know are looking to sell their home, I invite you to download my >>>>> Seller's Prep Guide <<<< to prepare your home for sale this Fall. I also invite you to book a >>>>> FREE 15-minute discovery call <<<< and follow me on >>>>> Facebook <<<<< to get started on your real estate journey today.

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