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Committing to the 80/20 Principle

Do you have the mindset of a mega real estate agent? If your focus isn’t on your moneymaker tasks, then chances are, you aren’t experiencing the growth you want for your business.

The 80/20 Rule, discussed in detail in The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, is based around the idea that 20% of your work tends to produce 80% of your results.

The main point is to find the small things that give you the biggest results.

“How to 80/20 your work:

  • Make a list of the 10 things you spend the most time on.

  • Circle the two that truly drive your results. Do more of those.

  • Look at the others. Eliminate ruthlessly. Automate or outsource what you can. Press pause on the rest.

  • Repeat.”

— James Clear, the 80/20 Principle

Productive agents identify their most important 20% tasks and organize their workday around getting them done first and foremost. The rest can be handled later or delegated to someone else.

When agents focus on that 20%, over time that leads to 80% of their income. Find out this week what you’re currently doing and develop those key items, the 20%, that can help you improve.

If you’re interested in exploring your tasks and what you need to prioritize, book a 15 min call with me.

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