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FREEDOM! What's Your Story?

FREEDOM! What an evocative word. Everyone has their own idea of freedom. Freedom for me is about having choices and options resulting in opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. And so long as I have choices that give me options, I experience that freedom just as easily when I’m at work as a Real Estate Expert or at play with my family and loved ones. What does freedom mean for you? Recently, during these extraordinary times of COVID-19, while my wife and I were spending inordinate amounts of time cooped up at home together with the kids, we realized that we actually all enjoyed being together as a family! Who would have believed it! Ha! And so when things started opening up again and it looked like we might be returning to some sense of a new normal where Daddy would leave the house again at 8am, be out most of the day and often work weekends, we decided that we’d like to have more options... more open road options :)

Of course, my Real Estate career had been the Luke Jones show for years and, quite naively, I believed that all of my valued clients and customers needed “me”. When, of course, what they really needed were the results that they had come to expect from the services I delivered, not me. Once I looked carefully at my systems and processes, I quickly realized that my clients and customers could benefit from deeper resources and faster, better services without the limitations of having just “me” deliver those results. And so, the decision to join a team was an easy one. Finding the right team to join was also an easy one. ARIA Properties and I share common values, a shared vision for helping our customers and we share laughs and good team spirit at our office in Silicon Beach. Also ARIA Properties is one of the most established real estate teams in the LA market with over 50 years of combined RE services under their belt. Not only does this mean that they have the experience to handle anything a client could throw their way, but it also means that they have profoundly more resources and tools at their disposal than I could ever have serving clients on my own.

Once I had made the decision to join a team and once I had realized that Aria was the perfect fit for me, this suddenly gave me choices that provided me options - options that would result in more freedom; I decided that the best thing that I could do for myself, my family and my clients was to let go of the reigns and allow my team to share the responsibility of running things day to day so that I could focus on exploring options that would ultimately result in more value and services for my clients. So, for the last month I have been working hand in hand with ARIA to bring them up to speed on my systems and processes and I am also learning about some of their awesome tools and resources. And so now that I’m confident that ARIA know how to handle my clients specific wants and needs, I’m taking a well-earned break! I’m spending some time on the open road with my family and learning more about this fine country. I’ve earned this freedom and I am so happy to be able to share some of these moments with you. This is my story of taking action, growing my community and earning freedom. What’s your story?

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