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Perks of Selling Your Home During the Holidays

I LOVE the holidays. Soon I will be in the mindset of taking time off to spend with family and friends and enjoy the freedom that I worked so hard for this year.

But before I go, let me put my real estate hat on one more time and talk about selling your home during the holidays ...

We all know Springtime is the upswing for real estate activity. But what are the benefits of putting your house up for sale during the holiday season?

With the transition to the buyer's market, you may get less bidding wars but you do get a stronger filter for SERIOUS buyers.

This means more serious offers, less competition, and a shorter process.

Serious Buyers

People shopping for homes around the holidays are ready to spend the money and sign the papers. They're not taking leisurely strolls through open houses for the enjoyment of it.

Less Competition

The inventory goes up in Spring. This means less competition for your home during the winter holidays. Plus, its easy to stage your house comfy and cozy to really get potential buyers to visualize themselves at home there.

Shorter Process

Job transfers, pending tax breaks, and the shopping frenzy make buyers "in the zone" to complete the sale before the end of the year.

If you need assistance selling your home, contact me today.

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