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Beliebers: Real Estate Marketing on Social Media

Justin Bieber just posted a slew of images of his Beverly Hills mansion on his Instagram, stating he was considering selling. Within no time, the star got a series of serious offers.

So, what can you learn from the Bieber Instasale?

You need to be marketing your home on social media!

Assuming you’re not a pop star, here are 5 tips for marketing your home for sale on social media:

  1. Invest in photography: create an album of high quality images of the home.

  2. Do your research: Use relevant and industry-specific hashtags that will get your post found.

  3. Describe it: Keep your description short while still making it seem like a home worth selling.

  4. Post a video: Instagram and Facebook algorithms favor videos, so you can easily get more views simply by posting a quick tour of the home.

  5. Consult a professional: Did you know that Luke Jones RE offers free photography and marketing across social media, news sites, and real estate websites?

Don’t stop Beliebing! Get yourself into the social media game or get yourself a professional who can do it for you. Contact me today.

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