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Labor Day Roundup: Headlines for Home Buyers/Sellers

We are shifting into more of a buyers' market than a sellers market. This is not a bad thing. For some, a shift into a buyers' market is a welcome relief.

Los Angeles Homeowners Insurance Rate Is $573 Lower Than the National Average

Measure W was passed - which creates a a special tax for parcels located in the Los Angeles County Flood Control District, which covers the majority of Los Angeles County. The tax revenue—which property owners would have to pay—would pay for projects, infrastructure, and programs to capture, treat, and recycle rainwater.

Inglewood is growing! The new Hollywood Park will include the stadium for the Chargers and Rams, a music entertainment center, a luxury hotel, new cuisine, executive office spaces, and so much more.

Home sales rise with the talk of lower interest rates.

The condo market in the Downtown Los Angeles is picking up, especially in the beloved DTLA Arts District.

West Hollywood is one of the most popular and enduring communities in Los Angeles and condo buying is picking up pace.

Although the trade dispute with China has not directly helped mortgage rates, newly proposed tariffs could hamper global economic growth, helping rates.

If you’re thinking of buying a new home, buying your first home, or refinancing an existing home, NOW is a GREAT time to get a loan. Rates are coming down.

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