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What could you do with 3 weeks in LA on your own?!

That's the exciting question for me right now. My wife and two kids are about to head overseas to visit family for 3 weeks leaving me here to man the fort. While I'd love to go with them of course, this is also an amazing gift of an opportunity for me to focus on a busy time for my business and also reboot so that, on their return, I'll be in tip top shape, rested and raring to go as my son enters kindergarten in August.

I'm a planning kind of guy and I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, so I'll be squeezing every last ounce out of this amazing, unique and possibly once in a lifetime opportunity to have so much time to spend on my own in a city I simply love and adore with a passion.

Aside from putting my nose to the grindstone with work, I have an action-packed plan to have fun too - a mini-break sailing over to Catalina -, a work jolly out to Morongo Casino - and I've been yearning to get back into the mountains and do some high altitude hiking. I'm thinking Baldy or San Gorgonio -

I also plan to catch up with lots of friends and folk in my community, friends who I have simply not had a chance to catch up with properly over the last few years since my kids have been young and my wife and I have been so darn busy raising a young family.

I also have big hairy audacious fitness goals - I want to get back to being 'mountain ready' just as I was before my big Everest trip in 2012. (Here's my blog from our 2012 Everest Trip - Ambitious, yes. But not impossible. With a strict regimen, I'm sure I can lose some of that Dadbod weight and get back to my former lean self. I'm enrolling in a new gym in Santa Monica called Amp - and of course I'll still be sticking with my awesome community at Golds Gym here in Venice -

Some other fun things on the list - Turn the Garage into a fun kids play space, have some dinner parties for friends, see some movies, read some books and focus super hard on all those amazing high impact activities at work that can really move the dial forwards, see as many real estate deals as I can, meet as many clients and potential future clients as possible and make sure I spend just as much time working ON my business as well as IN my business.

So, what does freedom look like for you? What would you do if you had 3 weeks in one of the best cities in the world to do whatever you wanted? How productive would you be? What would be the things that you prioritized? Send me some ideas...I'm open to inspiration!

Remember. We're all about Taking Action, Building Communities and Earning Freedom. You can see it in my personal life and my clients see it in the way we run our business. If this way of operating speaks to you, let's meet. Perhaps we can collaborate together. Tell me how I can help you earn your freedom!



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