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Relocation Packages 101

Relocation Packages 101

What’s a relocation package? Who usually qualifies for one? What's typically included? We’ll answer all these basic questions in this article!

When you receive a job offer in another city or state and you’re required to relocate, you might qualify for a relocation package.

You may be offered:

  • Full moving expenses

  • Flat dollar amount

  • Third party relocation services

Do I qualify? Ask your hiring manager for relocation coverage as part of your contract negotiation.

Relocation services often include:

  • House hunting – a trip to your new location, including airfare/transport/hotels, to find your new home.

  • Home sales/Home buying – cost of selling your home or purchasing a new one is likely covered (i.e. closing costs, real estate agent commissions).

  • Job Search – job search assistance for your spouse or partner.

  • Transportation – flights or other means of transportation to your new home.

  • Temporary housing – short term hotel, Airbnb, or apartment before long term home is found. Usually will include rent or p/week cost.

  • Moving – packing, movers, moving truck and similar expenses.

Before you agree to a relocation package, make sure to double check the fine lines to see what’s included.

In our most recent home sale our clients used Lexicon as their relocation service. Check them out here:

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