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What is the RUBS Program?

RUBS: (Ratio Utility Billing System) “A Ratio Utility Billing System allocates the property’s actual utility bill to the residents based on an occupant factor, square footage factor, or a combination of both.”

This is a fair system landlords can use to recover utility bills from their tenants when sub metering isn’t possible. It can be used to recover water, gas, electricity, trash or any other cost involved in the operation of a property.

It’s fairly simple, requires no investment and alleviates the need to install meters in each tenant’s unit. Often the RUBS program encourages conservation and encourages the building community to decrease utility usage. The EPA and National Apartment Association report that utility consumption decreases anywhere from 5-40% when the switch to RUBS is implemented.

Live in California? RUBS is great because California has some of the more stringent rules and regulations surrounding sub metering systems.

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