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Science says downtime can help with productivity

"There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither." — Alan Cohen.

As we get deeper into the holiday season and closer to the New Year, I wanted to take a short time to talk about the importance of downtime in your work regime.

Estate agents are notoriously highly engaged and self-motivated people. While this is crucial in enabling them to achieve their goals, it can create a culture of continuous working, which can be detrimental to their health and well-being. A culture of busyness can be used as a proxy for feeling in control in a uniquely uncertain profession.

However, it has been proven that having downtime can help people become more productive.

Taking a break allows our brains to rest and rejuvenate. This allows you to feel more refreshed, which can allow you to solve problems more quickly.

In the 12 Week Year, part of my Signature Programme, you actually learn to set aside 3 hour time periods during your work week for downtime. Finding the time to take care of yourself can pay good dividends in the long term.


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The importance of downtime has been enhanced by the hyper connective nature of modern society. As an estate agent, you most likely have multiple social media handles, which increases your interactions with others.

For those of you who are parents, juggling both parenthood and a demanding career can be a challenge, although it's rewarding. Having downtime is particularly more important when you have children and a family who depend on you.

Taking breaks can improve your mood, boost your performance and enhance your ability to pay attention.

Some regions of the brain are more active when a person is resting. This means that when you rest, you increase the possibilities of having an 'aha moment. The Default Mode Network is one of the areas in the brain which benefit the most from rest, increases creativity, memories and defines our sense of self.

Allowing our minds to wander allows them to be replenished, which improves our imagination and problem-solving abilities.

Become a daydreamer; you'd be amazed how much power and energy allowing your mind to wander and get lost can have on your well-being. I know daydreaming gets a bad name, but it can be a uniquely powerful tool in allowing you to unlock the power that rest offers.

The importance of taking a break and resting has increased significantly in recent times. People have continuously connected to others due to emails, phone calls, and other mediums, resulting in hyperconnectivity. Ambitious realtors who are consistently seeking the next big thing are likely to fall into the trap of failing to take a break. While in the short-term, the effects may not be noticeable, this can have dangerous long-term consequences.

It is important to remember careers are not sprints, they are marathons!

You must be strategic about how you use your energy to perform highly over a more extended period.

Remember, as an estate agent, you are not only selling a house but also a lifestyle. This means that your personality and demeanour can affect the outcome of sales pitches.

This means that resting must be an essential part of your weekly practices because of its impact on your performance when engaging with customers.

Self-discipline is essential in ensuring you can maintain the practice of seeking downtime.

You can use your downtime to engage in activities you enjoy, such as watching documentaries, YouTube channels, walking your dog, organizing your room and taking baths.

Arguably, a more active downtime is better because it can help you build an active lifestyle and can allow you to exercise.

It is also better to take a break from technology so that you can enjoy sufficient rest. This is important in allowing you to experience good health.

For example, you could take up meditation, which would be effective in enabling you to connect with your inner being.

Finding the right way to use your downtime can allow you to experience psychological safety and well-being.

Spending time in nature can play an essential role in providing opportunities for people to experience abundance and good health.

To have a long, successful career, you must take care of your mental, physical and social health.

Taking a break is an essential investment in yourself and your future.

Your health is your wealth.


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