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Do you have an accountability partner?

Let's face it, we don’t like someone being at our back. But we are also (as human beings) not very self-disciplined. At least, not all the time!

Enter accountability partners.

The concept of accountability partners may sound new for some people, but it's not an alien idea within the real estate industry. An accountability partner is someone who ensures you are consistently pursuing your goals as a realtor and a professional. They are the person you share your goals with and hold meetings regularly to evaluate your progress.

Throughout human history, men and women have relied on accountability partners to keep them focused on the task at hand. Top athletes and business people have accountability partners that can be impartial and frankly honest with them. This becomes more important because we all know how grueling working in real estate can be. It's sometimes difficult to track all those weekly meetings and monthly targets.

Accountability adds no costs to you, expect setting aside a piece of your most important asset: your time.

Having an accountability partner can be particularly useful in many ways:

  1. Human beings care about what others think. Sharing your goals with an accountability partner will motivate you not to fail in their eyes. Most people find it more challenging to disappoint others than themselves. Yes, it's sad, but it's true.

  2. When you communicate your goal with another person, not achieving it can feel like breaking a promise.

  3. Knowing that someone shares your interests and values your vision can be a motivating factor. Especially when it is someone you respect and trust; this validates your idea and your ability.

  4. When you are working independently, it is essential to have a person you can talk to and share your progress with-this is necessary a ‘no man or woman is an island. They can remind you that you are not alone in this journey and could give you words of encouragement when you need them most. This is particularly important for realtors who often work from home and may lack the opportunity to experience the camaraderie present in a large office.

  5. When you share your goal with someone else, it appears more real, creating positive momentum for you.

Find an accountability partner who you trust and believes in you. They can be your peer or someone much older and experienced in real estate. The thing is, they must have your respect, and you must be able to look up to them. They can be people who have achieved what you are attempting to do.

It would help if you had a renewal of motivation regularly to maintain faith in yourself. That is why Muslims go to the mosque on Fridays, Christians go to church every weekend, monks go to monasteries, and Hindus and Sikhs go to their temples regularly. It would help if you had a renewal of faith and a means to keep motivating yourself to pursue your goals consistently.

Think of your accountability partner as a priest. They allow you to unburden yourself, reflect on your progress, and occasionally drop hints and insights that nudge you along the right path.

Accountability partners are useful regardless of what stage you are in the real estate sector - whether you are starting out, in the middle of your career or are the top realtor in town. They can help you maintain perspective and understand what should be done to achieve positive goals. They also create opportunities for you to share your journey. This is important as many people come to the end of their pursuits only to discover that the most fulfilling aspect was the journey and the process of pursuing it, not the result.

There are also tools which you can use with your accountability partner to track important metrics. You can have a holistic reporting system that provides a more cohesive view of your current situation, progress and actual performance vs expected performance. These metrics will ensure that you and your accountability partner are able to have an objective conversation.

Remember that having an accountability partner is only part of the recipe for success. You must be willing to listen to them and evaluate their feedback positively.

If you are interested in joining one of my accountability groups, hit reply and send me a message. Or join my group on Facebook.


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