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Agents: Time Blocking (done right) Will Earn You Money

What is time blocking in real estate?

Time is arguably your greatest resource. So, why are estate agents not investing more time in dealing with it?

Time blocking for estate agents is a powerful, proven strategy that ensures you get the most out of each hour of your day. It also helps you focus on the tasks that will be MOST IMPACTFUL to your business.

Time blocking is a system of time management to follow through on your action plan to complete your business goals. Your goal is the final result. Time blocking is how to get there.

Stop Reacting

When you plan out your day, blocking off time for high-impact tasks and low-impact tasks, you are setting aside the time to be productive vs reactionary.

Let me explain.

Have you ever started the day by opening an email with a request from a client, colleague, or broker? So, you send back a “quick” reply. Then they call you to talk about the reply and ask you to do something that will “only take 15 minutes.” So, you do it but it actually takes 1 hour and then another hour of conversation about the result. And pretty soon you’ve spent your entire morning reacting to that one small task that had no impact on the growth of your business or on you reaching your personal goals.

Time blocking puts answering emails and other low-impact tasks in specific time slots of your week. You focus on tasks important for your business and growth during high-impact times. And you leave time for low-impact tasks separate.

What to Spend Your Time On

It is important before time blocking to prioritize what deserves to be on your calendar. If it does not deserve to be on your calendar or if it is not worth your time to do it, consider hiring it out.

Also, consider not only time blocking your days but time blocking your weeks.

Here’s my suggested schedule as a top-producing agent and real estate coach.

Before Noon:

  • PowerUp Morning: Start with a powerful morning routine that pumps you up.

  • Role Playing: Practice scripts and dialogue with a partner

  • Daily Business Intelligence: Spend minutes doing market research so that you truly are the local knowledge broker for all things property-related.

  • Lead Gen: 3 hours of purposeful and strategic actions to generate leads.


  • Power Hour: Make follow up calls, DMs, and Video Messages

  • Team Time: Block time to get with your team

  • Assistant Meetup: Meet with your assistant daily to go through Systems, Ops and Marketing

  • Check-In: Check in on your current listings and pending sales

  • Social Media Marketing: Do those two pieces of Social Media including at least one video - it's all about video!

  • Appointments: Make and go on your appointments.

Tips for Identifying Priority Tasks

When you are first starting out with time blocking, write out each task. Then rate 1 to 10 the impact each task will have on your business. 10 being the strongest impact. Next to the impact number, do the same thing for the time it would take to complete this task. 10 is the shortest time. Add up all the numbers for all your tasks. The functions with the highest number need to be prioritized and added onto your time block calendar.

You could also use a tool like the Eisenhower Matrix:

Do First are the tasks that directly earn you money, like cold calling/emailing, advertising, following up on leads.

Schedule are important (not urgent) tasks that need to be scheduled NOT REACTED to when received. This may include networking with agents, writing a new blog article, or posting a new listing online.

Delegating is one of my MUST-Dos. You could be making MORE MONEY doing high impact or “Do First” tasks than what you would pay to have someone clean your house or post on your social media. If it doesn’t move you toward your goals, decide if you have to be the person who does it.

Don’t Do are that tasks that DO NOT HELP YOU. Save spending time on Tik Tok and Pinterest for after your work day. Its okay to schedule out self-care time, family time, and even social media time but don’t let it distract you from accomplishing the tasks that will help move you to the LIFE YOU WANT TO BE LIVING.

The Takeaway for Estate Agents

Working a billion hours a week for low return should not be your norm. It won’t bring you the life you want. It won’t bring you the money you want. Using your time strategically through time blocking and hiring help will earn you a higher income and have you working less hours.

If you want to know more about time blocking and the tasks it takes to be successful, consider signing up for my “50 Day Race To the Finish Line” waitlist. This event is coming up in a few short weeks to finish the last 50 days of the year strong and set you up for success in 2022.

You have everything to gain. Join the race.

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