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What About Buyers?

You may have seen my >>>>> Sellers' Prep Guide <<<<< last week but now you may be asking yourself “what if I want to buy or invest during the Fall season”? Never fear, I have buyers and investors covered too with my >>>>> Home Buyer's Guide <<<<< You might really love the killer school district, shorter commute, and neighborhood businesses, but as competition increases for these premium listings, you may ask yourself: “should I even be buying in a seller’s market?” Here’s the 411: Get Started Right Away Listings won’t last long. Connect with me and I can help you get in touch with the best agent to help you get prepared and act quickly to obtain your property. I can also help you obtain and analyze property reports, disclosures and offer due dates. Get Preapproved In order for you to be “offer ready” when you find the property you want, it’s crucial to have any supplemental paperwork, like your mortgage pre-approval and proof of funds for the down payment, ready to go ahead of time. >>>>> Contact me here <<<<< to get connected to a financial professional in my network. Write an Offer Letter An offer letter, or a personal note you write to the seller explaining why you’re the perfect buyer for the home, might just be the thing that sets your offer apart from the others. Your goal is to connect with the seller emotionally so that they’ll be more inclined to choose your offer. If you or someone you know are looking to sell their home, I invite you to download my >>>>> Home Buyer's Guide <<<< to get the best property for the best price this Fall. I also invite you to follow me on >>>>> Facebook <<<<< to get started on your real estate journey today. Luke

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