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Buyer's Agent Training 
The Finer Points of Adding a Buyer's Agency To Your Business

The first part of this training happened on February 11. The replay can be watched in my Facebook group, here

Join us for Part 2 on Tuesday, February 22 @ 12 pm GMT.
Register below.

Why should you be add a Buyers Agency to Your Business?


Because you could :

✅ Double your revenue
💥 Build a pipeline of future sellers
👊 Get referrals more easily
✅ Create referrals across the world more easily
💥 Become known as the local area expert faster
👊 Ensure you can ride any shift in the market
✅ Build referral relationships with Lenders

And so much more…

Anyone who’s NOT incorporating this into their business plans is throwing money down the drain and literally building a business that is not sustainable in the long run.

With inventory at an all-time low, fewer and fewer listings coming onto the market and yet more buyers entering the market and needing an agent they can trust and rely on, why wouldn’t you do this?


Here are the biggest deterrents I am hearing about adding a Buyer's Agency: 

🛑 Buyers won’t pay for the service
🛑 There’s not enough commission to share in the first place
🛑 People only want “off-market deals” 
🛑 It’s too expensive to run a buyers business
🛑 It takes too long to convert clients

Join me in this training and I will tell you why buyers DO want it, the market needs it, there’s proof of concept already and there are a ton of agents smashing it in this space who you can model.

And here’s the best bit: this is something that, generally speaking, High Street Agencies are simply not willing or able to do. Thier business model simply doesn’t support it. 

Instead this is a NO BRAINER for independent, boutique, self-employed, nimble and hyper local agents like my awesome agent friends at Keller Williams and all those other terrific Self-Employed and Business Owning Brands or Brokerage Companies out there.

If you want to learn more about becoming a Buyer's Agent, join me in this training. It could be the best thing you do in your business this year.

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