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If you're a buyer...

Take action so that...

We can position you in the best light to prevail over the competition. By understanding the motivations of the seller, having an open dialogue with the Listing Agent and moving fast to stay ahead of the curve, this will remove all the reasons a seller has to say no to your offer. At the end of the day, we can’t compete against a buyer with a higher price and terms but we can remove any road blocks to ensure a seat at the negotiating table.

Setting you up for success


In a fiercely competitive market, you have to be laser focused on the end-game, have incredible attention to detail, read the competition and find common ground. There's an art to closing a deal and, as simple as it sounds, it stems from asking the right questions and reading between the lines. Some of best negotiators say the least. Some of the richest people ask for less.


Each deal is different and we'll bring our wealth of experience, knowledge and relationships to the fore so that, when the decision is made, you'll know that we've done everything possible to put you in the strongest light.

Offering the following as standard


  • A dedicated Transaction Co-ordinator to handle all aspects of paperwork and contracts

  • Estimated Buyers Closing Statements

  • Preliminary Title Reports

  • Preferred vendor relationships with Escrow, Title and Home Warranty

  • Preferred vendor relationships with all home inspection services including General, Termite, Roof, Chimney and Plumbing.

Our competitive edge


We'll obviously use all the tools at our disposal to research the market and find your property. But in addition to the MLS, Loopnet and all other associated platforms, we have field reps in the trenches interacting with owners and the community every day and a database of thousands of owners and landlords who could be sellers. 

By triangulating our proprietary database, listing services (MLS, Zillow, Redfin etc) and our boots on the ground, we stay current, we control inventory and we help create the market.  For you, the buyer, this means you can count on the most up-to-date, accurate market data and ensure that you’re in the right place at the right time when it’s time to pull the trigger.

Guiding you through escrow


Whatever your experience level is, we're here to guide you through escrow. Getting into contract is only half the job. Our overriding goal is to close. Working closely with our preferred partners, or working with your own preferred vendors, we will aim to demystify the process and ensure a smooth, effortless and calm escrow.


We are here for you in an advisory capacity, educating you about the real estate market, showing you the inventory and helping you become a selective, tactical and targeted buyer. 


We are not interested in selling you a property and then never seeing you again. We want to be your real estate resource for life. 

You have choices and we need to earn your business. More than ever, Buyers Agents are competing directly with the Listing Agents who, by definition, have a competitive edge since they represent the property and control the process for the Seller. However, we believe the buyer also has leverage by virtue of the choices you have and the ultimate ability to submit the winning offer or not. Ensuring that you, the buyer, knows how to compete and retains that control is our job. We want to give you choices, empower you and put you in the driving seat. 

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